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Are carbon-capture models effective?

by Michigan State University Reforestation efforts to restock depleted forests are important for addressing climate change and for both capturing and restoring carbon from the…
SourceSourceMay 5, 2024 Read More

Sister cities can help communities better navigate the climate crisis, research suggests

by Rice University Anthropologists at Rice University suggest in a new study that establishing networks of 'sister cities' dedicated to addressing the impact of natural…
SourceSourceMay 3, 2024 Read More

A clock in the rocks: what cosmic rays tell us about Earth’s changing surface and climate

by Shaun Eaves, Jamey Stutz, Kevin Norton and Pedro Doll, The Conversation How often do mountains collapse, volcanoes erupt or ice sheets melt? For Earth…
SourceSourceMay 2, 2024 Read More

New computer algorithm supercharges climate models and could lead to better predictions of future climate change

Earth System Models – complex computer models which describe Earth processes and how they interact – are critical for predicting future climate change. By simulating…
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Climate change and mercury pollution stressed plants for millions of years

by Utrecht University The link between massive flood basalt volcanism and the end-Triassic (201 million years ago) mass-extinction is commonly accepted. However, exactly how volcanism led…
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High air pollution in Denmark may impact children’s academic performance

Pollution from traffic, farming and wood stoves may have a negative effect on children’s cognitive development. So a new study of Danish students’ performance in…
SourceSourceApril 23, 2024 Read More

Ice age climate analysis reduces worst-case warming expected from rising CO2

UW News, Hannah Hickey - As carbon dioxide accumulates in the atmosphere, the Earth will get hotter. But exactly how much warming will result from…
SourceSourceApril 18, 2024 Read More

As Climate Change Progresses, New Rainfall Patterns Affect Plants Worldwide

This article by Cazzy Medley is republished from Maryland Today under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Read the original article. April showers are…
SourceSourceApril 15, 2024 Read More

Ocean currents threaten to collapse Antarctic ice shelves

A new study published in Nature Communications has revealed that the interplay between meandering ocean currents and the ocean floor induces upwelling velocity, transporting warm…
SourceSourceApril 12, 2024 Read More

Heat from El Niño can warm oceans off West Antarctica – and melt floating ice shelves from below

Maurice Huguenin, UNSW Sydney; Matthew England, UNSW Sydney, and Paul Spence, University of Tasmania As the weight of ice builds up, the ice sheet begins…
SourceSourceApril 10, 2024 Read More

Scientists Unite for a Sustainable Tomorrow: Urgent Call to End Destruction and Foster Equity

An international team of scientists has issued a clarion call for urgent action to address the interconnected crises of climate change, ecological destruction, and socio-economic…
SourceSourceApril 2, 2024 Read More

Scientists Unveil Intricate Tipping Points in Atlantic Currents

An international team of scientists has uncovered the intricate patterns of tipping points within the Atlantic's current system. This discovery challenges conventional knowledge, suggesting that…
SourceSourceMarch 25, 2024 Read More