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Microbes found to destroy certain ‘forever chemicals’

By David Danelski | University of California - Riverside A UC Riverside environmental engineering team has discovered specific bacterial species that can destroy certain kinds…
SourceSourceJuly 17, 2024 Read More

UCF Biologist Continues Unraveling Mystery of Magnetic Bacteria

UCF Biologist Robert Fitak recently created a refined database of magnetic bacteria and the animals they may reside in to further study how these bacteria…
SourceSourceJuly 10, 2024 Read More

New Microbe-central Model Predicts Global Grassland Soil pH Under Climate Change

By Zhang Nannan | Chinese Academy of Sciences In a study published in One Earth, a research team led by Prof. Deng Ye from Research…
SourceSourceJuly 9, 2024 Read More

New discovery reveals unexpected ocean algae help cool the Earth

By University of East Anglia A common type of ocean algae plays a significant role in producing a massively abundant compound that helps cool the…
SourceSourceJune 11, 2024 Read More