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Carbon Storage


Carbon dioxide removal: feasibility study evaluates possible measures for Germany

By Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres Germany aims to be climate neutral by 2045. In order to achieve this goal, greenhouse gas emissions must…
SourceSourceMay 16, 2024 Read More

The case for sharing carbon storage risk

By Texas A&M University Even the most optimistic projections for the rapid build-out of solar, wind, and other low-carbon resources acknowledge that coal, natural gas,…
SourceSourceMay 15, 2024 Read More

Iceland’s ‘Mammoth’ raises potential for carbon capture

By Mathilde DUMAZET | AFP Hellisheidi, Iceland - With Mammoth's 72 industrial fans, Swiss start-up Climeworks intends to suck 36,000 tonnes of CO2 from the…
SourceSourceMay 10, 2024 Read More