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Endangered Species


UCF Biologist Continues Unraveling Mystery of Magnetic Bacteria

UCF Biologist Robert Fitak recently created a refined database of magnetic bacteria and the animals they may reside in to further study how these bacteria…
SourceSourceJuly 10, 2024 Read More

First local extinction in the US due to sea level rise

By Jerald Pinson | Florida Museum of Natural History The United States has lost its only stand of the massive Key Largo tree cactus in…
SourceSourceJuly 9, 2024 Read More

Scientists identify safe havens we must preserve to prevent ‘the sixth great extinction of life on Earth’

By University of East Anglia If we act now, we can prevent human-caused extinctions wiping out our planet’s wildlife, according to an international coalition of…
SourceSourceJune 25, 2024 Read More