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global climate action


Most Major GHG Emitters Fail to Disclose True Climate Impact on Businesses, Report Finds

A new report released by the financial think tank Carbon Tracker sheds light on a concerning trend among major greenhouse gas (GHG) emitters: a collective…
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Global Science and Media Organizations Unite to Prioritize Science-Based Climate Change Communications

Pioneering Pledge Aims to Ensure Accurate and Actionable Information on Climate Change In a landmark initiative to combat misinformation and enhance public understanding of climate…
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The Challenge of Human Evolution in Solving Climate Change

Human beings have long been shaped by the evolutionary forces that allowed us to dominate the planet. However, a recent study led by the University…
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Accelerating Innovations: Mitigating Climate Change Impact on Health, Agriculture, and Gender

In the face of an escalating climate crisis, innovative solutions are crucial to addressing the multifaceted challenges that impact health, agriculture, and gender. The Rockefeller…
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UAE’s Sultan Al Jaber Challenges Fossil Fuel Phase-Out, Ignites Controversy at COP28

The President of COP28, Sultan Al Jaber, has sparked controversy by asserting that there is no scientific evidence supporting the necessity of a complete phase-out…
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Nordic Countries Unite for Climate Action Ahead of COP28 in Dubai

On Thursday, nations from around the world will convene for the COP28 climate summit in Dubai. Ahead of these international negotiations, the message from the…
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Global Climate Action

EU and Global climate action

Climate change is a global phenomenon. We need to cut global greenhouse gas emissions – lowering them in the EU alone is not enough. That’s…
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