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Global Warming


How politics and climate could affect the Antarctic Treaty

By By Shirley Scott, UNSW in Canberra | 360info The Antarctic Treaty System has long been hailed as an example of successful international cooperation. But could that…
SourceSourceMay 27, 2024 Read More

Heavy water: how melting ice sheets and pumped groundwater can lower local sea levels – and boost them elsewhere

By Rebecca McGirr, Anthony Purcell, Herbert McQueen and Paul Tregoning, The Conversation Imagine you’re standing near the edge of the Antarctic Ice Sheet, gazing out over…
SourceSourceMay 25, 2024 Read More

More than half of all mangrove ecosystems at risk of collapse by 2050

In a report released today, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) warns that more than half of the world's mangrove ecosystems are at…
Adrian AlexandreAdrian AlexandreMay 22, 2024 Read More

Warming climate intensifies flash droughts worldwide

By American Geophysical Union Sudden, severe dry spells known as flash droughts are rising in intensity around the world, with a notable exception in mountainous Central…
SourceSourceMay 21, 2024 Read More

Climate change is a human rights issue

By Kuan-Wei Chen, McGill University and Hoda Asgarian, Bond University, The Conversation In April, the European Court of Human Rights ruled in favour of a group of…
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Global methane emissions automatically detected in satellite imagery using AI

By Kyoto University As global temperatures rise to record highs, the pressure to curb greenhouse gas emissions has intensified. Methane is particularly targeted because its significant…
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Bid to end deadly cooking methods which stoke global warming

By Catherine HOURS | AFP Paris, France - Fifty countries are meeting in France on Tuesday to discuss the lack of access to clean cooking…
SourceSourceMay 13, 2024 Read More