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Marine Life


Loss of oxygen in lakes and oceans a major threat to ecosystems, society, and planet

By Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Oxygen is a fundamental requirement of life, and the loss of oxygen in water, referred to as aquatic deoxygenation, is a…
SourceSourceJuly 15, 2024 Read More

UCF Biologist Continues Unraveling Mystery of Magnetic Bacteria

UCF Biologist Robert Fitak recently created a refined database of magnetic bacteria and the animals they may reside in to further study how these bacteria…
SourceSourceJuly 10, 2024 Read More

Coral reefs: battlegrounds for survival in a changing climate

By Harrison Tasoff | University of California - Santa Barbara Coral reefs, those vibrant underwater cities, stand on the precipice of collapse. While rising ocean…
SourceSourceJuly 9, 2024 Read More

Offshore windfarms – A threat for electro-sensitive sharks?

By Society for Experimental Biology An ongoing research project into the impact of offshore windfarm electromagnetic fields on shark development reveals that the alternating electric…
SourceSourceJuly 5, 2024 Read More

Shark hatching success drops from 82% to 11% in climate change scenario

By Society for Experimental Biology New experimental research shows that the combined effects of ocean warming and acidification could lead to a catastrophic decrease in…
SourceSourceJuly 3, 2024 Read More

NYUAD researchers identify unique survival strategies adopted by fish in the world’s warmest waters

By New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) Some fish species in the Arabian Gulf’s coral reefs are more resilient to climate change than previously thought,…
SourceSourceJuly 1, 2024 Read More

Coastal Water Surface Can Accumulate Bacteria and Antibiotics

By American Society for Microbiology Antibiotics in the uppermost water surface, known as the sea surface microlayer, can significantly affect the number of bacteria present…
SourceSourceJune 17, 2024 Read More