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First use of weather forecasts to show human impact on extreme weather is ‘transformational’, Oxford scientists say

By University of Oxford National forecasting centres like the Met Office could apply the same tools used for weather forecasting to quantify how human behaviour…
SourceSourceMay 30, 2024 Read More

Health risk from global warming predictor of city climate action during COVID-19

By Hayley Dunning | Imperial College London Cities around the world were more likely to maintain climate action and enact ‘green recovery’ long-term plans after…
SourceSourceMay 30, 2024 Read More

Why Malaysia has a stake in preserving Antarctica

By Wan Mohd Rauhan Wan Hussin, Universiti Malaysia Terengganu in Kuala Terengganu The global sea level rise due to the melting ice poses a serious…
SourceSourceMay 29, 2024 Read More

UC Irvine-led team uncovers ‘vigorous melting’ at Antarctica’s Thwaites Glacier

By University of California - Irvine A team of glaciologists led by researchers at the University of California, Irvine used high-resolution satellite radar data to…
SourceSourceMay 23, 2024 Read More

Satellite to unravel how clouds impact future climate change

By University of Reading A brand new satellite that will revolutionise our understanding of the role clouds and aerosol particles play in climate change is…
SourceSourceMay 21, 2024 Read More

Creating a Green Composite Material from Japanese Washi Paper

By Tohoku University Japanese washi paper is renowned for its aesthetic beauty and its wide-array of usages. Now, a group of Tohoku University researchers have…
SourceSourceMay 15, 2024 Read More

Hotter, drier, sicker? How a changing planet drives disease

By Sara HUSSEIN | AFP Bangkok, Thailand - Humans have made our planet warmer, more polluted and ever less hospitable to many species, and these…
SourceSourceMay 10, 2024 Read More

Study: Heavy snowfall and rain may contribute to some earthquakes

By Jennifer Chu | MIT News When scientists look for an earthquake’s cause, their search often starts underground. As centuries of seismic studies have made…
SourceSourceMay 9, 2024 Read More