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From Wild to Domesticated: Scientists Reveal 100,000 Years of Continuous Rice Evolution

By Zhang Nannan, Chinese Academy of Sciences According to a study published in Science on May 24, scientists have used phytolith analysis and other methods…
SourceSourceMay 27, 2024 Read More

Culling controversy as French wolf population falls in 2023

By Laure FILLON | AFP Lyon, France - The estimated number of wolves in France last year was 1,003, down nine percent from the year…
SourceSourceMay 23, 2024 Read More

Finland’s wizards making food out of thin air

By Anna KORKMAN | AFP Vantaa, Finland - At a factory in Finland, the "farmers of the future" are making a new food protein by…
SourceSourceMay 23, 2024 Read More

Scientists win World Food Prize for work on Global Seed Vault

By Juliette MICHEL Paris, France - Scientists Geoffrey Hawtin and Cary Fowler, who on Thursday received the prestigious World Food Prize for "their work to…
SourceSourceMay 9, 2024 Read More