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UCF Biologist Continues Unraveling Mystery of Magnetic Bacteria

UCF Biologist Robert Fitak recently created a refined database of magnetic bacteria and the animals they may reside in to further study how these bacteria…
SourceSourceJuly 10, 2024 Read More

Coral reefs: battlegrounds for survival in a changing climate

By Harrison Tasoff | University of California - Santa Barbara Coral reefs, those vibrant underwater cities, stand on the precipice of collapse. While rising ocean…
SourceSourceJuly 9, 2024 Read More

Honey bees vote to decide on nest sites – why we should listen

By Derek Mitchell, University of Leeds | The Conversation When people think of honey bees, they often think of classic wooden hives, in which beekeepers…
SourceSourceJuly 1, 2024 Read More

Turn your living room into a digital Amazon rainforest

By Aslina Baharum, Sunway University in Kuala Lumpur | 360info Virtual reality and augmented reality offer a game-changing approach to biodiversity management. Imagine exploring a…
SourceSourceJune 26, 2024 Read More

Fishy parenting? Punishing offspring encourages cooperation

By Osaka Metropolitan University While there is an increasing consensus among humans that corporal discipline of children does more harm than good, fish may disagree.…
SourceSourceJune 18, 2024 Read More

Polar bears could vanish from Canada’s Hudson Bay if temperatures rise 2C

By Nick Perry | AFP Paris, France - An international team of scientists said Thursday that polar bears faced local extinction in Canada's Hudson Bay…
SourceSourceJune 13, 2024 Read More

Tiny tropical puddle frogs show that protecting genetic variation is essential for animals to survive the climate crisis

By Angharad Brewer Gillham | Frontiers The climate crisis is changing habitats quickly, forcing animals to adapt to catch up. Populations of a species that…
SourceSourceJune 10, 2024 Read More

Culling controversy as French wolf population falls in 2023

By Laure FILLON | AFP Lyon, France - The estimated number of wolves in France last year was 1,003, down nine percent from the year…
SourceSourceMay 23, 2024 Read More

Drones validate walrus counts in satellite images from space

By British Antarctic Survey (BAS) In the first successful attempt to calibrate walrus counts from satellite imagery, scientists used drones to validate animal counts in…
SourceSourceMay 23, 2024 Read More

WiFi, drones and sharp blades on Japan’s whaling mothership

By Simon STURDEE | AFP Tokyo, Japan - In whale-motif jacket, shirt and tie plus a whale-shaped hat, Hideki Tokoro shows off Japan's new whaling…
SourceSourceMay 23, 2024 Read More

Whaling in Japan: key things to know

Tokyo, Japan (AFP) - Japan launched on Tuesday a new "mothership" for its whaling fleet, aiming to hunt around 200 of the marine mammals this…
SourceSourceMay 21, 2024 Read More

Howler monkeys drop dead during Mexico heat wave

Mexico City, Mexico (AFP) - Howler monkeys are dropping dead in Mexico and authorities said Monday that they were investigating whether extreme heat was killing…
SourceSourceMay 21, 2024 Read More