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Air Pollution Linked to 8.1 Million Global Deaths in 2021, Rising as Top Threat for Children Under Five

Comprehensive new report details health impacts of air pollution, which has moved ahead of tobacco and poor diet as a risk factor for death. By…
SourceSourceJune 19, 2024 Read More

Busting five myths about eco-friendly eating

By Bianca Wassmann, Singapore - ETH Centre and ETH Zurich Choosing food that is both healthy and good for the planet can be confusing. Here…
SourceSourceJune 18, 2024 Read More

Wildfire smoke and health

With wildfires becoming more frequent and extensive in Canada, it’s important for people to understand the health risks of wildfire smoke. An article in CMAJ (Canadian Medical…
SourceSourceJune 17, 2024 Read More

The diet change that can also help the planet

By Mahya Tavan, Sustainable Nutrition Initiative Choosing foods that are good for us, good for the planet, accessible and affordable is a complex problem to…
SourceSourceJune 17, 2024 Read More

New fabric makes urban heat islands more bearable

By Paul Dailing, University of Chicago This year has already seen massive heatwaves around the globe, with cities in Mexico, India, Pakistan and Oman hitting…
SourceSourceJune 14, 2024 Read More

Research Finds Dolphins With Elevated Mercury Levels in Florida and Georgia, US

By NIST In a study with potential implications for the oceans and human health, scientists reported elevated mercury levels in dolphins in the U.S. Southeast,…
SourceSourceJune 14, 2024 Read More

Low-Cost Sensors: A Game Changer for Global Air Quality Monitoring and people’s health

In a bid to address the growing concerns over air pollution's impact on health and the environment, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) has unveiled a…
Adrian AlexandreAdrian AlexandreJune 13, 2024 Read More

Dengue, mosquito-borne diseases rising in Europe: EU agency

Stockholm, Sweden (AFP) - Cases of dengue and other mosquito-borne diseases are rising significantly in Europe as climate change creates warmer conditions that help invasive…
SourceSourceJune 11, 2024 Read More

Air pollution linked to 135 million premature deaths: study

Singapore, Singapore (AFP) - Pollution from man-made emissions and other sources like wildfires have been linked to around 135 million premature deaths worldwide between 1980…
SourceSourceJune 10, 2024 Read More

Mammoth waste problem a test of resolve

By Chandan Nandy, 360info in Sonipat As solid waste mounts in developing countries, the authorities must adopt innovative and effective solutions. Days after winning a massive electoral…
SourceSourceJune 6, 2024 Read More

Health risk from global warming predictor of city climate action during COVID-19

By Hayley Dunning | Imperial College London Cities around the world were more likely to maintain climate action and enact ‘green recovery’ long-term plans after…
SourceSourceMay 30, 2024 Read More

Prenatal exposure to air pollution associated with increased mental health risks

By University of Bristol A baby’s exposure to air pollution while in the womb is associated with the development of certain mental health problems once…
SourceSourceMay 30, 2024 Read More